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  1. Providing 1000 AED Discount on the school fees for each student registered at the ANS and his/her parents holding a “Waffer” card.
  2. The school fees presented on our school website are inclusive of books and uniforms.
  3. Terms and Conditions:
    1. This promotion can’t be combined with any other promotion.
    2. The parent (father or mother) should present the “Waffer” card directly to the school; cards related to friends and relatives will NOT be accepted.
    3. The discounted rates will be valid as per the validity of this agreement and as long as the children are completing the full academic year at the school without dropping or withdrawing.

Both parties in this contract have the right to announce the news of signing this contract and use the other party's logo as part of the social collaboration and community partnerships in advertising campaigns, websites, social media platforms, or any posters/ads.

Validity From 02/20/24 - To 02/20/26
Standard Discount


Al Ansar International School – A Ministry Curriculum School established in Sharjah – Al Qarayen area based on ethos and values. - Boys and Girls are totally separated in premises and sections. - Modern Technology and AI are fully integrated into our learning processes. - Pioneer Learning Platforms and Enrichment Programmes. Our Vision: An innovative, pioneering and interactive education that produces capable generations reflecting authenticity and modernity Our Mission: An educational institution of excellence, developing quality and transparent leadership in collaboration with parental and community involvement to ensure highly effective learning and wellbeing, focused on creativity, innovation and 21st Century skills. Producing responsible lifelong learners, national and global citizens, capable of leading changes and pioneering the future within culturally diverse communities. Our Values: Citizenship, Collaboration, Empowerment, Innovation, Transparency, Flexibility, Accou

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