About The Program


In an effort to deliver top-notch services and with a strong commitment to bolstering the growth and ongoing development of the local economy of Sharjah and the UAE and throughout the branches and entities within Sharjah government, the Directorate of Human Resources of the Government of Sharjah introduced the Waffer Card initiative in March 2013. This government-driven discount Programme is the first of its kind in the region and covers a broad spectrum of beneficiaries including Sharjah government employees, retirees, and other eligible categories of beneficiaries.
This initiative is part of a wider community-driven program undertaken by the Directorate to realise the vision of the Government of Sharjah. The primary objective of the Programme is to boost the affiliation of Sharjah government employees with their respective employers and institutions, by providing them with a range of incentives and benefits that help them tackle the challenges of everyday life. Additionally, it aims to reinforce partnerships with the private sector establishments by allowing them to offer exclusive discounts and privileges to Waffer Card holders.

Program Vision

To set a benchmark as a first government-led discount Programme.

Program Mission

To foster collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive the State's economic growth by providing value-added discounts to Waffer Card holders. 

Target Group

  • Sharjah government employees and their families
  • Retirees from the Government of Sharjah, retirees holding family book for the Emirate of Sharjah, and other eligible categories of Waffer Card holders.


  • Providing exclusive privileges to Waffer Card holders
  • Boosting job satisfaction levels among employees.
  • Promoting the overall well-being and happiness of the beneficiaries.

Strategic Partners

  • Sharjah Broadcasting Authority
  • Economic Development Department
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Sharjah Government Media Bureau "Sharjah Call Center"